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The show is an assemblage of Mexican artists based in Mexico City that are connected via the digital commons working to embed Chafa strategies in the serious conceptual field. Utilizing digital tools, performance and new media they bring the Chafa experience to the art world and media industry. Grappling with the same impositions of global trade, consumer goods and culture, Chafa gives emerging economies voice on the global market.

June 3, 2016 to June 15, 2016

229 Central Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221

Meeting the Mexico City Scene

Chafa is product, the fix not up to code. You scroll past the ads on the timeline for Chafa. Chafa is off the shelf, then hung up neatly pressed. Chafa is novelty past its expiration date in a brand new package, the knockoff, reclaiming locality (Irak Morales). Chafa is detritus found and preserved after a spring rain, reading the Bario like tea leaves (Juan Bollás). Chafa is a wall with a view (Tamara Ibarra). Chafa is Sonideros covered in paint (Israel De La Paz). Chafa is luxury, prim, proper and past its prime (Maria Jose Sesma). Chafa is pencilled in existence (Dayn Gaio) and stuck on laughter (Juan Bollás). Chafa is faith in the profane (Santisima Kitch). Chafa is playfully disintegrating (OM). Chafa is open ended, waiting to transform (Sofia Garfias). Chafa will be right back to take your order. Chafa is Technicolor clean (Raquel Du Toit). Chafa is repeatedly heroic (Hugo Llanes). Chafa is blind fury love. Chafa is the network, buffering. Chafa is real people, toys. Chafa is Mexico City contemporary.